Post Sun Strategy – Save Yourself from Sun Damage

Post Sun Strategy

Post Sun StrategyAll across the world people fly over to beaches or Mediterranean region to spend time and to get sun tan look. But it is important to understand that damage caused by sun tanning cannot be totally undone, but following routine steps will help you to reduce the effects of sun tanning.

Applying of Sunscreen Lotion – It is recommended to not to step in sun without sunscreen lotion, as it will give protection to your skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (UV rays). UV rays have potential to penetrate the skin and damage it, leading to various skin disorders such as skin cancer. Despite the fact, you get more exposed to sun rays from June to August, but your skin still absorbs UV rays during fall and winter months. Hence, it is advised to wear a good broad spectrum sunscreen lotion all year round.

Use of Retinol Cream – Retinol is commonly marketed as reduction in the signs of aging such as fine lines, and wrinkles. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A, a naturally occurring fat soluble vitamin found in fish oils and liver. It is a powerful antioxidant; studies have proven its role in reducing the risk of cancer by neutralizing free radicals. Retinol works as reparative substance that passes beneath the upper layers of epidermis to the layers of skin holding collagen and elastin.

Elastin is protein which provides skin elasticity whereas collagen maintains rigidity. Unfortunately, elastin is no longer produced after puberty. The greatest cause of skin damage is the sun, and UV rays accelerate the aging. Retinol stimulates cell growth and production and helps deformed skin cells to grow back to their proper form. Hence, retinol is an exceptional product to apply on skin for repairing and improving the overall health of your skin.

Chemical Peel – Chemical peel may be used to eliminate precancerous skin cells, minor wrinkles and discolored areas (caused by sun rays), but should be done under medical supervision from physician of good repute only.

Spot Check your Skin – Each time you expose yourself to the sun, you are increasing your risk of developing skin cancer such as melanoma. It is said to be severe type of cancer and most common cancer in women in twenties. So it’s crucial that you do this self-exam monthly after developing a tan or burn and consult your physician.