Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy CalendarOne of the most exciting times in a woman’s life is when she conceives. Being able to have a life grow inside of you, nurture it and then bring it to life. The miracle of childbirth is something that we can only imagine until we actually experience it. Through the miracle of science, we can also find out the sex of the child before it is even born.

For many parents, this can make the pregnancy even more exciting. They can plan for the baby based on the sex. Buy certain clothes, decorate the room a certain way and start to think of names. But, what if you could find out the sex of the baby without even going to the doctors? Can you believe that a calendar can tell you the sex of your unborn child?

Believe it or not, the Chinese Gender Chart is able to do just that. The results of this calendar have been proven to be pretty accurate time and time again. This method is based on a few different pieces of information. You not only need to know when the baby was conceived, but the mother’s age is also a factor in the equation.

Chinese Gender ChartIn order to get the results, you need to follow a simple math problem, so to speak. You need to take the age of the mother when she conceived, the month she got pregnant and then you need to add nine months to the age of the mom. The calendar is configured as a chart. The months of the year are along the top and ages from 18 to 45 are along the side. Once you do the math and get your answer for the age, find it on the chart and follow it to the month. This will tell you what the sex is.

This is pretty amazing but it does work more or less. If you or someone that you know is pregnant, try using this chart to determine what the sex of the baby is. I bet you will be amazed at the results.