Pregnancy – Last Trimester

Pregnancy – Last Trimester

The last trimester of pregnancy indicates that the time is not far when you will hold your bundle of joy. Pregnancy lasts 9 months and is divided into 3 trimesters of 3 months each.

Each stage has its own set of characteristics. The last trimester will particularly be tough. The baby rapidly grows and the body gets ready for delivery. The body undergoes a huge strain and it tells upon the back and abdomen especially.

Backache, Abdominal Pain, And Itching

Backache is very common problem in the last trimester. This occurs on account of the centre of gravity of the body shifting. The baby is rapidly growing and the pelvic bones loosen up and get ready for delivery. The extra weight of the body falls sharply on the back.

Posture while sitting and walking also significantly change, leading to backache. This can be eased out by using a proper mattress for back support and sleeping on the side. Abdominal pain is also common at this stage; it is on account of the growing uterus pressing down on the abdomen.

Abdominal pain

It can also be accompanied by a sharp stabbing pain in the muscles caused by contractions in preparation for delivery. Itchiness occurs due to the abdominal skin being stretched taut with the growing belly. Relief can be obtained by using oil or cream to the affected area.

Backache And Itching

Swelling Of Ankles, Feet, Hands, And Face

Swelling is the second most common feature in the last trimester. Puffy hands, feet, and face not only make for a funny look but can be very uncomfortable as well. This occurs due to water and fluid retention in the body. Hormonal changes also cause such swelling. However, conditions of pre-eclampsia need to be ruled out – High Blood pressure accompanied with high protein levels in urine along with puffiness of eyes and face.

This is a life threatening condition and can be resolved by inducing labor. Staying off of one’s feet, putting up your feet at a raised level, adequate water intake will help alleviate symptoms. Avoiding heels and wearing flat-soled footwear is recommended at this point.

Swelling Of Ankles, Feet, Hands, And Face