Pregnancy Pain Relief

pregnancy-pain-reliefPlanning the birth of your baby can be a little confusing when you are not even sure what to expect. You know that there is probably going to be pain during the delivery but never having experienced it first hand it can be a little frightening.

Doing a little research on the different options that you have can make your planning a little easier and lot less stressful. You can also talk with other women that have given birth to see what there experience was. Every woman’s birth experience is different and what may be right for one may not be right for another.

One of your options is to get an epidural. This is actually done by inserting a needle in your back. The advantage is that you will be completely pain free from the waist down but if the drip is not stopped in enough time than it may make it a little hard to push when the time comes.

Another option that they may give you in the hospital is an injection of pethidine. You can choose to have this in the thigh or in your buttock and will also give you full relief from the pain. This can be given when needed but may also cause drowsiness or leaving you feeling sick. The other downside is that it can also make your baby sleepy and can make the delivery process a little harder.

Nitrous oxide and oxygen, you know the good stuff you get when you go to the dentist? This has no effect on the baby and just takes the edge off of the pain. You do have to use this in moderation though as it can make you dizzy and cause dry mouth.

How about good ole natural H2O? Yes ladies, if you have ever though about giving birth in the water it is a great way to help with the pain and make the delivery easy. This is a complete form of natural child birth and has become very popular. Be sure to choose the plan that gives you the best option in your delivery plan.