Pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams

stretch-mark-creamPregnancy is one of the most wonderful times for a woman. The feeling of a life growing inside your body can not be compared to anything else. But this time of your life can be ruined by pregnancy stretch marks.

As the baby begins to grow in the womb, your stomach starts to expand. Your tissues expand to a certain extend and after that they simply tear. That is when these ugly stretch marks occur.

Stretch mark during pregnancy is a common thing. It is something you cannot avoid. But there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to the various companies, there are a large number of stretch mark creams available in the market. All you have to do is go for a good brand.

One of the most widely used product for stretch mark or any other mark on the skin is cocoa butter. They are the natural fats that are obtained from coco beans. This is a natural antioxidant. Most doctors recommend this as a remedy for stretch marks. They promote the production of collagen thus helping to grow new cells.

Cocoa butter removes the sign of stretch marks. But there are creams that increase the elasticity of the skin and prevent the stretch marks from occurring during pregnancy. One such cream is Revitol. For best results, use it after a warm shower.

If you cannot find cocoa butter in the market, which is highly unlikely, then you can always use something that contains orange peels. They are also effective in preventing stretch marks from occurring.

Here it should be mentioned that you can apply the anti stretch mark creams on other parts of your body as well. You can apply them on your buttocks, thighs and even on your breasts. Remember, it is not just your belly that is growing, other parts of your body is expanding as well. So it is better if you apply the creams on other expanding parts as well. After all the idea is to have no stretch marks at all.

Other than using the anti mark creams, make a habit of working out regularly. This will also help to get rid of those ugly marks. At the same time increase the intake of vitamin C and E to keep the skin spot free.