Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy for most women is the most beautiful time of their lives. Many women go through the first and second trimester with nothing more than a little morning sickness.

Once you are in your third trimester, you will probably feel less than great. Additional weight can make you feel off balance. Your energy will usually be decreased due to difficulty sleeping through the night.

Here are some tips you may find helpful to get you through the last three months.

Your Shower

Getting into and out of the shower may get more difficult for you in the third trimester. As your baby grows, several things may get more difficult. Being organized for your shower before you start may make a big difference in keeping yourself safe. First, baths are not usually recommended. Showers are preferred for several reasons. First and foremost is safety. Getting up and out of the tub will become more difficult and sometimes really dangerous. Hot baths raise your body’s temperature, your body may overheat faster when you are pregnant and that raises your baby’s temperature.

Personal Hygiene

Eating right and taking your prenatal vitamins will make hair grow faster. That’s great for the hair on your head, but it means more shaving for your other areas. The bigger your belly grows, the more difficult it will be to reach your legs to shave them. You may even need to ask for help to accomplish this task. It is also safer to sit while you shave so you do not lose your balance.

Your Hair

If you use a blow dryer, remember that your body is more susceptible to heat while you are pregnant. Use caution and take breaks if you blow dry your hair. Do not concentrate on either side of your head for too long. Also, bending over is not recommended in the last two months of your pregnancy, but you will likely find it very uncomfortable anyway. It is also not advisable to use hair dye as well as some other commonly used chemicals while you are pregnant. Your hair will grow faster, so taking good care of it is very important.

Your Skin

Due to the hormones raging inside your body, your skin will likely become dry and itchy. Use products on your body that are recommended for pregnant women like Aloe or cocoa butter. Anti-stretch mark creams are wonderful for your breasts and belly. Use extra caution with facial products during this time too. The pregnancy will either give you a beautiful glow or it will make the skin on your face dry. Again, you will need to use mild moisturizers on your face and neck.

Your Makeup

As for cosmetics, keep it simple. Pregnant women usually have a very healthy glow and there is no need for a lot of makeup. Sometimes those raging hormones will cause your skin to become discolored in spots. It is okay to use a little concealer under your regular base makeup if you need to do so. It may also be necessary to find a different moisturizer while you are pregnant as your skin may be in need of more or less moisture.

It is also important to mention that you certainly do not need to forget about your beauty procedures. They are just as important now as they were when you were trying to get pregnant. Taking care of yourself will make you feel better. There is no better time to take extra good care of yourself.