Premature Graying Hair Reasons and Remedies

Lush black hair has always been associated with a sense of style that we have acquired and it is generally considered a factor defining our desirability and when the hair starts to gray out more often than not we find it very undesirable.

There are many reasons that have been attributed to graying of hair. Normally graying of hair is an age oriented phenomenon but if it starts to happen at an early age, it is called premature graying and the reasons for this that will be concentrated on.

First of all, the process is hereditary. This is where some individuals will find their hair graying earlier than the others. Then there are times some severe illness results in the premature graying of hair.

One of the most common causes encountered these days is the daily stress, anxiety and tension that are witnessed in our daily life. These play a crucial role in getting the hair grayed before time.

If you are a hardened teetotaler, then you must consider your hair graying sooner than you think. Research has proven that excessive tea or coffee also is a major cause of gray hair today.

This is another hit to the bane of alcohol. Excess consumption of alcohol also is known to quicken the aging process and the first tell tale signs will appear on the head in the form of the hair graying out.

Any excess unhealthy intake of food or drinks, including spices, fried and oily food and acidic food causes gray hair. The lack of copper in the body is responsible too.

How to prevent the graying must start with the healthy body and a healthy diet. One must have food that is rich in Vitamins A and B. Vitamin A is found in dark green vegetables and yellow fruits and Vitamin B in yeast, yogurt, cereals etc. Ensure that the diet also includes sufficient amount of proteins and minerals.

Another method is to mix lemon juice with gooseberry powder and apply it on the scalp.

Drinking buttermilk with 2 teaspoons each of yeast and wheat germ also prevents gray hair.