Premature Graying Of Hair

Premature Graying Of Hair

Vitamin B deficiency can be one of the many reasons why people these days are experiencing the premature graying of hairs, a literal fading of hair colorings. This can affect everyone regardless of age.

Graying of one’s hair happens when the scalp lacks the production of enough oil glands resulting in hair malnutrition.

Diet is also a reason why many people experience premature graying of hair. Aside from Vitamin B disorder, the lack of iron, iodine and copper is also a contributor.

Extreme anxieties or worries also promote graying of hair resulting to hair vulnerability, diminishing the radiant shine features of the hair. In order to resume the radiance, the shine and the life of the hair, some effective home remedies can be done.

Home Remedies

Curry leaves and your diet. Include curry leaves in your food if possible. Alternatively, boil the curry leaves along with the coconut oil. Strain and apply the mixture on your scalp.

Curry leaves

Soak the dried ribbed gourd in coconut oil for three to four hours. Boil these until the residue turns black and use the residue on your scalp. Massage effectively. Alternatively, the amaranth vegetable leaves’ juices are good application for your scalp as these rejuvenate hair.

Amaranth vegetable leaves

Berries are good home remedies solutions too. For one, the Indian gooseberry can be dried and mixed with coconut oil. Apply the dried and dusty powder on to your scalp. Another solution is using the gooseberry juice mixed with the few drops of lime juices and almond oil. An overnight application will make your hair shine.

Indian Gooseberry

In terms of prevention, you may want to avoid eating foods made out of refined sugar or flour. Sodas, sweets and too much spicy and even oily foods can contribute to premature graying of hair. Instead, include fresh fruits and vegetables and yoghurt in your diet.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Again, it is best to make use of these available alternatives and home remedies so you can resume your radiant lively hair.