Preparing for a Blind Date

Blind dates can be fun. The curiosity of meeting a complete stranger in a hope of meeting the love of your life is completely amazing.

Here is a basic guide on how to get most out of your blind date.

Be Yourself

If you are someone who is comfortable with jeans and Tees then maintain your style. Do not wear something fancy that you are not used to wearing at all. If you are uncomfortable from inside it will be reflected outside. Plus, most of the time you will worry if you are carrying it well or not. So, just be yourself.

First Impression is Critical

Do not assume that if someone is having a blind date with you he/she will go on a date with you again. If your first impression is not appropriate enough it could be a turn-off for the other person. Dress well and be at your best behavior. Reach on time so that you do not make your date feel taken for granted.

Choice of Venue

Make sure you choose a public place for your blind date. Asking someone to come to your apartment or a walk in mountains is a definite no- no! This will only make the women feel a little uneasy and may send out wrong impression on the man.

A happening restaurant or a night party could be fun places for the date. As per the comfort you both can carry on the date at another place after meeting at a public place.

Be Flexible with your Expectations

We dream of meeting a perfect someone for each date but that may not happen. Do not mention to your date, “You are not what I was expecting”. Even if you do not like someone at first glance give them a chance. Have conversation regarding their work, friends or family.

Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Blind Dating

Do not wear revealing clothes. Do not wear excess make-up. Be ready to explore the other person. Do not just talk about yourself. Make sure you do not talk about your past relationship.

Do ask about their past relationship. It is just your first meeting and most people need a comfort to build in relationship before they can talk about their past.