Prevent Those Wrinkles

Our skin tone enhances our beauty and if it is not well kept, with age and fatigue, wrinkles begin to appear.

Even the most glowing skin tends to weather under duress, and given the stressful lifestyle these days, it becomes vital that we take care of skin and help prevent the wrinkles from appearing.

It has been noticed that many a times, the wrinkles appear due to dehydration where the skin gets folded due to lack of water and hence if you keep the water intake right, you will automatically help reduce wrinkles. Have at least 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday which will help you keep your skin soft, smooth and supple.

Avoid smoking cigarettes. Not only is it injurious to the lungs but also makes the skin texture brittle due to dehydration and this roughness leads to wrinkle formation.

Maintaining a healthy diet also prevents wrinkle formation especially if your food content includes a lot vegetables and fruit that make up for all the nutrients and the required water intake of the body.

Apply emu oil on the skin on a regular basis as it helps you nourish the skin and is abundant in lipids that are responsible for the good skin health. This oil nourishes the skin better than any other creams and oils.

It is always advisable to protect your skin from direct sunlight because it leads to dehydration and damaged cells, and in turn causes wrinkles. Even when you are out in the sun, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and drink a lot of fluids to keep the water levels in the body maintained.

Seafood, fish and nuts also help reduce wrinkles. They contain an anti oxidant called the omega acid that helps prevent buildup of toxic substances under the skin and helps keep the skin healthy from inside out.

You can also make a face mask by blending cucumber and yogurt, a mixture that becomes rich in water (cucumber) and lactic acid (yogurt) which nourishes the skin while simultaneously cleanses it and the total effect helps revive the skin, preventing any wrinkles or folds in the skin.