Problems Of Permanent Cosmetic Make Up – Cosmetic Tattoing

permanent cosmetic makeupWith more and more forms of beautification techniques coming up, it is hard to decide which to opt for and which not. Tattoos came up as a method of enhancing one’s social status. Tattoos are mostly done by teens or by athletes. Teens do it majorly to show off and tattoo is designated to be a cool aspect.

Athletes have their own reasons for having tattoos. Maximum of them do so in order to hide scars and the sort. Permanent makeup is considered to be a cosmetic technique in which tattoo is used as a form of design or in others, it helps in designing one’s eyebrows if the person has lost it either due to old age, or due to some disease and the like.

Makeup is a very frustrating experience for some people and so cosmetic tattooing is done to get rid of that hassle. No matter what, the risk involving cosmetic tattooing cannot be overlooked.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup And Cosmetic Tattoing


The major risk of cosmetic tattooing is the disastrous spread of infection. Unsterile tattooing instruments and needles pose a deadly threat of transfer of detestable diseases like HIV, hepatitis and other such diseases.


The ink used for pigmentation may not suit you and this can lead to skin irritation, rashes and the like. Your blood cannot be of any help to the needy. Many times, although the tattoo artist has undergone hygienic conditions, the germs still remain intact.

Removal Problem

Once a permanent tattoo is done it is as good as irreversible. Nothing is stable in this world. Who knows when we want to get rid of the tattoo we created with so much of effort? Although there has been a good advancement in laser technologies, but to get a tattoo removed is difficult, very much painful and quite costly. Removing the entire tattoo without leaving scars is almost impossible.

Untrained Artist

Another imposing threat to the procedure of tattooing is by getting it done by an untrained physician. Extreme accuracy and precision is required while doing cosmetic tattooing. Even a slight disturbance in the concentration level will not only destroy the effort but it will cause extreme pain and swelling.

untrained artist

Make sure that you see the license of the physician and if possible, even talk to the customers who have undergone cosmetic tattooing from that physician. It is better to be sure than sorry.


This is a very common problem that almost every alternate cosmetic tattoo user undergoes. With time, fashion changes and so does the latest trend. What might have looked desirable, eye catching and beautiful might now be considered off the trend and something that evokes no botheration from the crowd.

When you undergo any form of beautification procedure, your first aim is to attract the crowd and leave it like that every time it sees you. If that is not the case, then why undergo a painful treatment?

Allergic Reaction And Keloid Formation

There have been reports of adverse allergic reactions due to the presence of foreign pigments from cosmetic tattooing. These allergic reactions are troublesome and pose threat to the person.

keloid formation

There is also a fair risk of forming keloids, which are scars that grow much beyond their normal boundaries. These occur more frequently as a direct consequence of tattoo removal.