Products For Hair Styling

products for hair styling

products for hair stylingMany of us have dream of achieving the perfect style for our hair like the salons offer, but at almost a quarter the cost.  Fortunately with the use of right kind of product and a little practice, this is possible.


Gels are available in varying viscosity. Use them to lift roots, create tendrils, heat set, and give structure to curls.

Hair Spray

Hair spray is used to keep the hair in place while giving curls definition or while roller setting. These are available in various formulations including light and firm holds.


This is one of the most versatile of styling products. It is in the form of foam and is used on wet or dry hair. It contains protein and conditioning agents to protect the hair. Different strengths of mousse are available which are designed to impart soft to utmost holding power. These are used to lift flat roots and smooth frizz.


Products like serums, polisher, glossier, and shine sprays are oil or silicon based and improve the shine and softness by forming a microscopic layer on the hair cuticle. Formulations vary from light and silky to heavy that have a distinct oily feeling. They are also designed to smooth the cuticle by flattening the tiny scales. These products can improve the feel of hair, fight static hair and temporarily mend split ends.

Styling Or Setting Lotions

Styling lotions are made of flexible resins which form a film on the hair and help in setting and protecting the hair from damage while styling. Different formulations are available for dry, sensitive, and colored hair. Some add volume and shine to the hair. These lotions are mainly used while scrunching, roller setting, and blow-drying.

Waxes, Pomades And Creams

Natural waxes are softened with other ingredients like mineral oils and lanolin to make them pliable. Both soft and hard formulations are available. Some pomade consists of vegetable wax and oil to give gloss and sheen. Other formulations produce foam and are water soluble, and leave no residue. These are used for hair dressing, controlling frizz, and static.