Pros And Cons Of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian Laser Hair RemovalThe term “Brazilian Hair Removal” is generally used for hair removal from the pubic area, partially or completely. As per one’s comfort it is done partially or fully by first trimming of the hair to be removed, if in any design, and then treating it with laser.

Lasers are commonly used for hair removal for long lasting and even permanent results. Traditional hair removal methods like waxing, shaving, plucking, tweezing, threading, depilatory creams etc. are good but provide temporary results; some for even less than 24 hours. However, with the emerging laser hair removal technique you can clear unwanted hair that has been bothersome for so long.

The For Factors – Pros

By destroying the hair follicles, laser treatment dramatically and permanently reduces hair growth. It can be used for removing hair from face, arms, legs, underarms, bikini line and other areas. The benefits include:-

No In-Growth Of Hair

Since the follicle is burnt, causing permanent disability for the hair to re-appear there are no ingrown hairs to worry about. It is also better and quicker than electrolysis method of removing hair and can treat larger areas of the body too.


laser hair removal

Lasers are used through ray of light on the selective portion for hair removal. It can selectively target coarse and dark hair and does not damage or darken the surrounding skin.


Lasers can treat areas of the size of a quarter in about milliseconds. By treating many hairs at the same time it makes the process fast. Treating small areas like upper-lip and underarms, take less than a minute in becoming permanently hair free.


Unlike other treatments whose results cannot be predicted, the results of laser hair removal are pre-decided. The professionals prepare the treatment holders of the result after each session of hair removal. It therefore becomes easier for one to be mentally settled.

Clean And Hassel Free

It is a tacky and painful process to get privates waxed. Laser treatments is both painless, and a clean process. The only sensation one has is that of slight burning while the lasers are being used.

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The Contradictions – Cons

Sun Can Be Dangerous

It is advisable not to expose the treated skin to the sun for up to 3 weeks before and after the treatment. It may, not necessarily though, affect the colour of the treated skin.

The Blisters


There often occur blisters that heal by themselves in a day or two. Once can wear makeup after 24 hours of laser treatment on the face if there are no blisters. They mainly occur on darker skins.

Sunburn Effect

For up to 2 days after getting the laser treatment done cool compresses and moisturizers should be used on the treated skin as it becomes a little red as if it was sun burnt.


Since it does not take one treatment to remove hair through lasers, a series of treatment sessions may cost ample money. One should be careful in choosing the right professional task and assess the costs associated wisely.Be whatever, it may come to price at one’s health, so it is advised to be careful given the benefits associated.