Punk Braided Hairstyles

If you wish to have a hip and chic hairstyle then the punk braided hairstyle is perfect for you. It’s equally exceptional and stylish. It is considered to be the latest trend of 2013. If you are a wild child and never hesitate to experiment with new looks then you must try out the punk braided style.

When you want to add a loud and flamboyant spark to your look this special punk braided hairstyles will play the trick. These classic hairstyles that originated in the late 1970s are still very much in vogue and are mostly preferred by the young, hippy crowd. They help one to stand out in the crowd at the same time draw the maximum attention out of all. The punk braided hairstyles retain a gawky and mostly an uneven look when done in different styles. You’ve got a variety of options.

Stylish Punk Braided Hairstyles

Barely-There Braid

Frizzy, shady hair around the head is not meant to be the perfect hairstyle but it looks great.  To get this look start with applying a styling wax or pomade to your hair to make it coarser.

Barely-There Braid

Then tweak it lightly to the edges and take a segment of the streak towards the bottom. Tease the last three to six inches of your hair to make it look messier and then make a braid and finally tie it up with a rubber band.

Half Braid

Try making a half braid to pump up the groovy punk look. Instead of pinning your braid on the top half of your mane, make it fall on one side of the head.  Then part your hair to one side.

Half Braid

Then go on doing it straight down on the smaller section of the hair. Then with the help of a few bobby pins secure it in the middle of the neckline. It is the perfect one for those having shoulder-length hair.

Buzz Cut

This one is an advanced style of the half braid. This punk braided hairstyle requires a little bit of wildness. To sport this look you need to shave one side of your head with about one inch of hair streaks. Leave the other half of your hair untouched and wear it long. Then pull a section of the long hair alongside the buzzed hair and braid it. The remaining section of the hair should be left open.

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Braided Mohawk Or Faux Hawk

Experiment a Mohawk with a braid to look powerful and ultra glam. To begin with, you have to part your hair into three vertical sections.  Then cornrow back the adjacent segments by beginning at the hairline and setting it up proportionally along the neckline.

Braided Mohawk Or Faux Hawk

Then secure it with bobby pins. Leave the rest of your hair open. Depending on your mood, you can either wear it straight or create curls using a flat iron. This style looks good on persons having both longer and shorter hair.

Spikes With A Braid

It’s a crazy punk braided hairstyle. In this style you just have to spike up the central hairs from the forehead to the back of hairs. To keep the spikes in place you have to use a good hair gel. Mostly people with medium hair sport this style. Then apply micro braids all along the sides of your hair to sport a pop-punk look.

It is very much popular internationally because of its weird look. This style is very prevalent among celebs. Once you’ve become skilled in the art of creative braiding you can create different punk braided hairstyles. Overall, they add a funky vibe to your appearance to a huge extent.