Putting Your Baby To Bed

putting-your-baby-to-bedAs a new parent you will quickly see how sleep changes from being a necessity to a luxury.  The moment you get the chance to lie down, your newborn baby wakes you up with screams.  And as tired as you may be, you must get up to see what the baby needs. 

You will not have time to rest, but then, you are not alone.  All new parents go through erratic sleeping patterns due to their newborns.  However, if you follow these tips and create a routine, putting your baby to sleep will eventually not be such a daunting task.

To help your child fall asleep at night, keep him/her busy during the day.  Keep the baby occupied with toys, songs and conversation.  Make sure that the baby is exposed to the light and sounds of the daytime.  This way he/she will connect being awake and the daytime.

Create a routine that signifies that the time to go to bed is near.  Start off soothing the child either with a warm bath, a massage or listening to soft music.  These pre-bedtime activities should not excite the child but rather, calm the baby.

Keep infants calm as you put them to bed by making sure their nursery is dark and quiet.  Try not to make any noises near the baby’s room.  When you lay the baby down in their crib, make sure they are still awake.  If a baby is placed into their bed while they are awake, they will be able to associate sleep with their crib.

Take your time when you put your infant to bed.  Babies tend to move around a bit before they drift off to sleep.  They may even start to cry.  Give them time to settle down into sleep.  If your baby continues to cry, talk to them and rub their back but do not pick them up.  This will disrupt their routine.

When your baby does go to sleep, do not run to him/her with every sound that you hear.  Children tend to make noises during their sleep.  Let them work through it and put themselves back to bed.