Quality of Your Relationship

quality-of-your-relationshipThe quality of your relationship says a lot about your self confidence and self esteem. A good friend is like a pillar that provides you support when you move forward, while an unhealthy friendship will keep you stuck in life. It is said that a person is an average of the five people he or she spends time with. Therefore, if the five people have a wide mentality, progressive and optimistic outlook towards life, it means that you too will have the same approach. But if the five people have a narrower mentality and are pessimistic then probably you too will be one of them and so will always be stuck. That is why it is said to be around people who have a clear mentality and an open outlook.

You spend your time with your friends laughing, teasing, helping and supporting each other, sharing your dreams….or, gossiping, complaining, worrying, whining and talking about the problems in your life. Whom you spend your time with, and the things you do in that time, says a lot about your self confidence and self esteem.

Here are 5 questions for reflection on the quality of your friendships.

Q.1- Is your friendship healthy?
A healthy friendship is that in which there is unconditional support. Both the friends feel completely free. They should feel happy and supported by each other. If one or both of you are too involved in each other’s life, if you think that your decisions let your friend down, or you have to do what your friend says, even if you are not willing to do so, then you must redefine the terms of your friendship.

Q.2- Are your friends thankful for the abundance of life?
Have you ever thought whether your friends are grateful for what they have to live? Do they share freely and happily? Or are you blessed by their friendship? Think about it to find the quality of your friendship.

Q.3-Do your friends encourage your dreams?
Do your friends inspire you to achieve what you aspire? Or do they just tell you the impossibilities, for your good?

Q.4-Do your friends wish to talk about optimistic life?

Do you try to find positive solution to the problems or do you get stuck in the way?
Remember that, you get what you focus on whether you want it or not. So keep your approaches keeping this in mind.

Q.5-Does the company of your friend keeps you light and happy?
Not every day is a party, but a good friend will turn life back into a party. She will tell you about your strong points and your weaknesses. She will bring sunshine in your life.

A good friend is a powerful gift not only to you but to the world. She is the best gift from God.