4 Quick And Easy Hairdos

Quick And Easy HairdosDo you always find yourself rushing off to office or dates or parties with the same old hairdo? Maybe there isn’t enough time or maybe you don’t want to fuss over your hair and are thus left with the same tried and tested hairdo.

Whatever be the reason now you have reason to rejoice. There are some solutions and some real easy hairdos which can perk up your look and make you look really attractive. Whether you have short hair or long hair, curls or poker straight hair these tips and hairdos will stand in good stead when you only have a few minutes to do your hair.

Fast And Fabulous

Invest in an attractive hair band and hair accessories. When you have less time you can just brush your hair, put a shine serum and wear a nice wide hair band. This works well for office too as it gives a well groomed look. If you are going for a party you can try a band with diamante or gorgeous flowers which does wonders to your style.

Hair band with HairdosBuns

Instead of doing the same old “perfect’ bun you can go for a messy bun look. Just gather your hair in a bun and put an elastic band around it. Attach bobby pins to keep the hair in place and then pull out a few strands from here and there to give a messy look.

You might want to add a flower or ditzy hair accessory to complete the look and spritz hairspray to keep it in place. If you want another take on the bun you can make your hair in a ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Braid the rest of the pony tail and twist it into a bun and secure with pins.

For a funky look try making a bun with chopsticks or pencil sticks or hair sticks. It ups your style quotient and makes you look cool.

Try a side bun like Selena Gomez for a chic look. Take your hair sideways and twist it into a bun and fasten with pins. Don’t pull it into a tight bun rather keep it loose and messy.


For a twist on the pony tail, first make a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band or elastic. Then make an opening in the centre of your ponytail just above the portion which is secured above the elastic and pull the rest of your tail through it.

This gives a slight twisted look to both sides of your ponytail. You can also keep an extra strand of hair loose when you are making a ponytail and wrap this strand around the rubber band once the ponytail is done.

For a fun date try making a side ponytail and keep the front parting zigzag. A ponytail which starts high at the crown and secured with a lovely and prominent hair accessory and is then left loose also looks nice.

Ponytails can be done on both sides too but in a loose fashion and they can be secured by floral scrunchies.

Bangs which need to be hidden can be done in a jiffy by just pulling the front section of your hair back and puffing it up and securing it at the back with the help of bobby pins. Use a hairspray if the style needs to stay for some time.

A classic chignon is also a good idea. For this just pull your hair into a low ponytail and then twist the hair and put the end into the elastic. You can apply serum to hair before doing this style to give it a slick look.


A variety of braids can also be resorted to in times of need. Braids are great for a number of purposes namely they can disguise oily hair, a bad hair day, can go from office to party etc.

French braids done to one side of the head and then given a tousled feel can be tried for the evenings. You can also try a side pony tail and then braiding the ponytail from the middle. A hair band in front keeps the look from getting too messy.

Try braiding a portion of your hair on one side close to your temple and pulling it across your forehead to the other side and securing it with a pin. This is a very hippie look. You can also try corn rows if you have more time. For adding color to your braids you can try braiding them with a scarf i.e. using the colored scarf or ribbon as a third portion of hair while doing your braids.

For curly hair you can take two sections of hair from each side from the top and pin it up at the back with decorative bobby pins. Take two sections again from both sides this time from the middle and secure at the back with pins. This gives a very pretty look when viewed from the back.

BraidsMessy hairdos can be done for glam events which give a careless chic charm. Use a volumizing mousse on the hair and then start twisting and securing your hair with pins. Twist the left over portion into a loose bun and pin it up. Finish with a hairspray and some hair accessories.

Messy hairdosYou can try a semi ponytail romantic look by this hairdo. Put a curl enhancing cream on your locks and then separate them into sections and curl each section with a curling iron. Next take the front and a bit of the sides and pull into a ponytail at the back. Leave the rest of the hair open.

For soft wavy red carpet hair, wet hair and apply cream enhancing cream. Make a high ponytail and twist hair into a bun. Secure and blowdry. After a few minutes when you open it up, the hair will fall in soft waves.

For a faux bob curl the front of your hair to frame your face. Then pull the remaining hair into an extremely loose ponytail and tuck it into the back of your neck. Secure with pins. So be ready with salon like styles and never have a bad hair day ever. And in any case if nothing else works keep a nice hair scarf or hat ready!

Faux bob curl