Quick Makeup Tips

Quick Makeup Tips

Quick Makeup TipsMakeup and cosmetics are a necessity for women.  Whether you use as little makeup as possible or you just can’t live without it, makeup plays an important role in achieving the desired look.  Below are some quick tips to help you improve your look.


Mix loose powder with your foundation and apply it to the skin to soak up skin oil.  Concentrate on the ears and don’t forget to apply it on the neck.  If using foundation on the entire face leaves you feeling heavy then only apply it to areas with an uneven tone.  During the humid summer months, a light touch of powder on top of the foundation can prevent makeup from running.


Apply a cream blush if powdered blush is not to your liking.  Use a cream blush on the cheeks and apply a colored blush on top of that.  This will make you look more attractive and presentable.  Apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion and blend toward the temple.


Use a lip pencil to neaten the outer lines of the lips.  Use a lipstick, moving from the center of the lips to the corners.  Lightly press your lips together to get an evenly distributed color.  Then use a lip brush to apply more color; this will control the amount of lipstick you apply and help you achieve a more long-lasting effect.

Lip Gloss

A natural color of lip gloss will go well with all makeup types, whether intended for formal wear or a casual outing.  For evening activities, choose gold shimmering colors to give a brighter look to the face.  Should your lip gloss appear too shiny, use a chapstick instead.

Eye makeup

An eye shadow application brush can be used to apply a light layer of eye toner to the eyelids.  The intent is to dampen the eyes, not drench them.  This will allow the eye shadow to remain on the eyelids for a longer period of time, even all day long.  Use mascara that is waterproof.  It is less likely to smudge, even if you decide to take a swim or walk in the rain.