Reasons and Options for a Healthy Breakfast

What we have in the breakfast matters a lot. Breakfast is meant to be good and healthy and there are good reasons to it as well.

Studies have indicated that those who have healthy breakfast tend to stay more focused throughout the day. When you skip breakfast or do not have the right breakfast, you tend to eat throughout the day. A healthy breakfast gives you more energy throughout the day than any other meal. A healthy breakfast had in time not only prevents you from overeating throughout the day, but also ensures that your meals are timely and your health is secure.

Having breakfast is necessary because morning is the time when the maximum time has elapsed since the last meal. A healthy night’s sleep is at least for 7 hours. A good dinner time is 2 to 3 hours before sleeping. Therefore the total gap between the dinner and the breakfast is approximately 10 hours.

During this period, the fat reserves are used to keep the body going. When you wake up, it is time to replenish the energy supply lest the body not function as effectively as it normally would have. Hence the importance of breakfast and making it healthy is important or else the energy that you will get will be very short lived.

If you start your day with an empty stomach, you will have craving for sugar and the snacks and the food in-between-meals tend to make up for more than your body needs and the end result is an increase in weight. Ensure that after 8- 10 hours since the last meal, do not have food that will fatten you.

Sugar cereals, pancakes, fried eggs etc. are not a part of a healthy breakfast. Ensure that you include cereals, but they should have high grain, high fiber content. Have wheat toasts, protein shakes, eggs and muffins made of grains. The inclusion of fruits in your breakfast is mandatory.

You can choose to have porridge and berries. Mushrooms, toasts, and smoked salmon are some other healthy options. In case you cannot have full breakfast, go for a fruit smoothie. The vitamins and the mineral content will ensure that you are charged throughout the day.

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