Reasons Behind Inflammation Of Acne

acne inflammation causes

acne inflammation causesAcne is generally related to inflammation. As the germs and excess sebum production obstruct the glands, red swellings occur on the skin. They are mostly painful and irritating.

There are several internal as well as external factors which can be the reasons behind acne inflammation. Some of the factors are stated in this article:

Hormonal Changes

Human beings undergo a lots of changes in the hormonal activities during their growth period, i.e. during their puberty stage. Increase in androgens (male sex hormones) in male and menstrual cycle in female can lead to acne inflammation. This happens as the activities increase the sizes of hair follicle glands resulting into higher amount of sebum formation. Acne inflammation occurs in grown-up females due to insufficient production of estradiol hormone or during pregnancy.

Hereditary Traces

Teenagers can also get this acne problem from their family members. They are more prone to suffer if their parents or other members have gone through the same problem.


People suffering from acne generally feel embarrassed to face the world because of the ugly marks. They feel low and worried most of the times which increase their stress levels. Thus, stress worsens the acne inflammation causing more pain and redness.

Scratching And Pressing The Acne

Some people think that scratching and pressing the acne infections can dry them faster but these are not at all true. These not only spread the infection to other areas but also leave deeper scars. Therefore, you should avoid scratching even if they are itchy.


Polluted environment contains lots of harmful bacteria which affect our skin very badly. These bacteria enter the sebaceous glands and block the pores, thus help in increasing the inflammation. Therefore, you should always clean your face with water or a mild face wash in order to stay away from this problem.

Excess Of Sunlight

Most of us know that ultraviolet rays are very harmful for the skin. Heat causes sweat which in turn increases the oil production in our skin, thus, resulting into acne inflammation. Extreme exposure to sunlight not only causes acne on the external areas but also affects the covered portions of the body like chest, groin, joints, etc.

Improper Food Habits

Food plays an important role in maintaining the skin. Thus, improper diet or restricted food items for your system can cause acne inflammation. People can suffer from various food allergies which over accelerate the immune system of their bodies and create swellings on their skin. Some food products like dairy products and carbohydrate rich foods can cause severe acne inflammation. Moreover, junk food, spicy and oily food can also worsen the acne inflammation.

Medicines And Ointments

People use a lot of skin ointments and supplements in order to heal the acne as well as to make the skin healthier. However, these products can have negative affects on the skin causing skin inflammation. Sometimes, medicines used for curing other ailments can have side-effects of skin allergies. You can use herbal medicines to check these problems.

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