Reasons Women Have Menstrual Cycle

menstrualcrmapThe monthly cycle represents one of the most basic natural cycles in the natural world. The flow of feminine hormones make women subjective to certain moods, creativities or dreams, and this flow is usually considered to be sacred in certain cultures.

A woman passes through the periods of darkness, isolation and reflection because the ovulation is occurring and the energy is more receptive to external stimuli. Also, women might feel connected to deeper things, which might be beyond our understanding. This is called the “moon phases” of the ovulation because high levels of progesterone are produced in order to prepare the body for a possible pregnancy.

Nowadays, however, it is not that common to value the feminine cycle because we do not pay so much attention to it. Therefore, the premenstrual phase can be a difficult time for women, because they might feel their emotions or intuitions are repressed.  PMS represents a collection of several symptoms, which include psychological disturbances, fatigue, insomnia, food cravings, pains, aches and so on.

Thing that contribute to the manifestation of these symptoms include the following described below.


The western type of eating style can lead to the onset of PMS. Consumption of irradiated fruits, vegetables, meats as well as dairy products can cause problems with the human system. Imbalances with the endocrine system are common.


Vegetarian dieting, low-fat dieting and other types certainly weaken the body and lower down its defenses. If this happens, then the lack of proper nutrition will block the production of healthy hormones, thus triggering PMS.

(Stress and trauma)

Stress can also contribute to increased hormonal activity. Trauma acts in the same way as stress does, thus triggering PMS.


If you ingest a lot of laboratory produced medication, then this will also heighten your sensibility to PMS. Synthetic vitamins and lifestyle drugs can also contribute to a number of problems.

(Hectic lifestyle)

When it is becoming too much to combine full-time jobs at work with responsibilities for a family and housekeeping, then stress levels increase.

(Menstrual phases)

Women should stop considering PMS and the menstrual syndrome as a sort of nuisance because it is a part of who we are.

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