Reduce Rosacea – Reduce Skin Redness In 3 Steps


Every day we expose our skin to heat, dust, pollution, chemicals and what not. Thus the number of skin problems is increasing. One such skin condition is Rosacea.


In this case the skin turns red and sometime there can be pimples in the red areas of the skin. The redness occurs on the face, but can also reach up to the neck. Both men and women can have this skin condition.

Studies show that people who have fair complexion are more prone to Rosacea. But at the same time hereditary factor is also there, this means this skin condition runs in the family. Another study shows that anxiety and stress can also trigger this problem.

The good thing is this skin condition can be cured. There are a good number of creams available in the market that can be helpful. But if the creams do not contain the right ingredient then it will have no effect on the skin. So when you are buying a cream for Rosacea, make sure that the cream contains Nut grass root.


There is a plant called Nut grass and the root of that plant has medicinal quality. This plant is also known as Cyperus Rotundus. The best quality of this plant is that it can decrease the level of skin’s redness and at the same time it will sooth the skin if there is any irritation or inflammation.

Nut grass plant

Another study shows that Nut grass root can also reduce age spots. But so far the best quality of this plant is its ability to soothe skin irritation as that is the main cause of redness.

Functional keratin is a comparatively new ingredient. It is a natural protein. It is basically sheep wool extract. Functional keratin is considered as an excellent cure to reduce skin irritation. Any cream that contains Functional keratin is bound to work for Rosacea.

Functional keratin

Last but not the least is Coenzyme Q10. This has received a good amount of publicity and it certainly deserves so. This anti oxidant is an excellent cure for Rosacea.

So if you are buying a cream for Rosacea, make sure all these three components are there in the cream. You will not regret it.