Remedies To Cure Yeast Infection In Women

cure for yeast infection in women

cure for yeast infection in womenMany of us might not know that yeast is nothing but a fungus scientifically called as candida. There are many subtypes of this candida. A few of these are very harmful and may cause infection.

The fungus that causes the yeast infection in women is candida albicans. This infection can develop in various parts of the body like around dentures, vagina, under the breast and beneath the skin. They can occur at any age and can prove very dangerous if overlooked. They can be recurring infections which would really be annoying to the women. They can also lead to development of other diseases.

It is an extremely unhealthy condition with number of irritating symptoms. Common symptoms noticed during the yeast infection are burning, and itching at the places where the infection occurs. Most common yeast infections that are observed amongst women are the vaginal yeast infection and the mouth yeast infection. In vaginal infections women might have thick white discharge with no odor. It might cause pain and burning sensation while urination.

Causes of Yeast Infection

Obviously fungus is the main cause of yeast infection as yeast is nothing but a type of fungus. This candida is present in the many parts of the body like mouth, throat, Urinary tract, intestine etc. They are present in very small amounts and are not harmful in these amounts. But when they multiply and grow in numbers they can become toxic leading to the yeast infection.

Urinary tract area has many bacteria around as it is the main path of elimination of unwanted components. All microbes also are eliminated from here. Hence, this area is generally full of bacteria and other microbes. Fungus is also present in very low amounts. There is certain bacterium that keeps these funguses in control.

They avoid their multiplication. But when there is some imbalance of these bacteria which might be due to any external factors, the fungi would grow in numbers. Therefore, urinary tract area is common target of yeast infection. It can be quite painful condition.

causes of yeast infection in women

There are various other factors those leads to the multiplication of this fungus. When immune system becomes weak; its capacity to combat the infection or bacteria lowers drastically causing diseased condition. Hormonal changes that body is continuously undergoing during menstruation are other major causes. The blood loss during this period also adds to it.

Hormonal changes also happen with use of birth control pills and during pregnancy. This is the primary reason many women suffer from yeast infection during this time. There are some antibiotic induced yeast infections which are much more difficult to treat. They are developed due to continued usage of certain antibiotics.

One has to know that yeast infection is not considered to be sexually transmitted diseases but they might be passed to your partner through bodily fluids. Diabetes mellitus is a diseased condition where body sugar level remains elevated which may allow this fungus to grow leading to yeast infection. Sugar serves as the food for yeast.

Remedies to Cure Yeast Infection

The treatment of the yeast infection depends on the severity of the infection. In very severe cases one might need to consult doctor. There are many over the counter medicines, creams, and ointments available to treat them. There are suppositories, pills available in the market that are very effective.

The next step to cure this infection is through diet. A healthy yeast free diet is good option. There are many foods that contain yeast in high quantities like dairy products, cheese, and white bread etc. Avoid these foods in your regular diet. You do not need to make heavy compromises on your diet. There are many other remedies that you can use.

Yoghurt, though a dairy product contains good amounts of bacteria that are able to fight yeast infection. The plain yoghurt would be useful and not the sweet one. Sweet yoghurt may work oppositely as it contains sugar which is food for yeast. Garlic is another good home remedy. Garlic has many medicinal qualities. It is very useful to cure yeast infections.

It can be either used internally or externally. It has very beneficial effects. Other good home remedies are apple cider vinegar which is known to kill yeast. Oil of oregano is also a useful ingredient. These are very handy remedies to cure yeast infections. There are many useful bacteria supplements available to cure yeast infection as they contain bacteria that prevent yeast growth. A number of sprays and solutions are available in the market that can help.

Precautions to Avoid Yeast Infection

Many unhealthy and unhygienic conditions can lead to the yeast infection. Hence, ensure good cleaning of your body regularly. Avoid contact with any unhygienic areas, generally public toilets. Heat and humidity are factors that promote yeast growth. Therefore avoid wearing tight clothes.

They do not allow good ventilation and may lead to unhygienic condition to favor yeast. Major dietary changes may lead to nutritional deficiency causing yeast infection. Avoid unhealthy junk food. As mentioned earlier steroids may cause increased yeast formation.

Avoid too much use of birth control pills as they contain steroid. Try not to use perfumed body sprays because this may cause worsening of symptoms if you are suffering. Do not use too much of antibiotics as they might weaken your immune system. Avoid foods that feed yeast and encourage their multiplication.

Good and healthy eating habits are very essential. Make sure to maintain a balanced diet and if you suffer yeast infection then avoid certain products in your diet. It is a curable disease but as it is said that prevention is better than cure, therefore maintaining certain helpful habits would prove beneficial.

Remember, if you face chronic or recurring infection do consult a doctor regarding it. They would need prescribed medicines for treatment. Little things for your health like drinking water in sufficient quantities, wearing good clean clothes and keeping yourself dry would also help. Overall a good hygiene habit is most essential to keep away any infection and other problems in general.