Removal Of Hair Nads

Removal Of Hair Nads

Hair is made up of keratin which is a protein also found in finger and toe nails. There are two types of hair: Vellus hair which is short, soft, and fine and is generally seen on chest, back, and face. These hairs help the body in maintaining body temperature and provide insulation.

The other type is terminal hair which is dark, coarse and long. This is the hair that normally grows on head. On puberty, terminal hair grows in armpits and pubic region for girls and face, chest, back and legs in boys.

Why remove the hair?

Unwanted body hair can be embarrassing in terms of cosmetic, cultural and social reasons. Medical reasons for removing hair are:

Hirsutism or excess terminal hair influenced by androgens on the face, chest, abdomen, and back.

Hypertrichosis can be congenital or drug-induced growth of hair and is independent of androgen secretion.

Pseudofolliculitis is growth of hair from grafted donor site or sex-change operations in men.


Homemade recipes for hair removal

Nads in the market costs $30. The ingredients used are quite simple, but effective. The process is called sugaring.

You will need one cup sugar, juice of half lemon, a quarter cup of honey, a drizzle of molasses (if you can get it), and cornstarch to make the hair nads removal mixture. You will also need a spatula to spread the mix on the skin and cotton fabric to remove the mix.



Combine honey, lemon, and sugar in a bowl. Make it into a smooth consistency by heating for about 2 to 3 minutes. Cool the solution to finger touch warmth. Ensure that the area of skin you are going to work on is clean and dry. Dust the area with cornstarch and spread a thin layer of the solution. Cover with a cotton strip and rub it in a direction opposite to the hair growth.  Pull the fabric in a swift movement against the hair growth. It will be painful the first few times. Repeat the same procedure for the other areas. Reheat the mix if required.

Combine honey, lemon, and sugar

This mix can be stored for sometime in an airtight container.