Remove Wrinkles Naturally


If you add a bit of Tomatoes to your daily diet, you can fight those wrinkles and skin ailments. This discovery is the result of a research undertaken at the Manchester and Newcastle universities, where it was revealed that when you add Tomato paste to your daily food, you will be able to allow the skin to tackle the harmful ultraviolet sunrays.


You may be aware that these rays not only damage your skin, but also skin cancer, premature ageing and wrinkles.  The studies have found out that Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called Lycopene, through which Tomatoes protect the skin. Surprisingly, the Tomato fruit, gives the maximum protection when cooked. It is already well-known that Lycopene can reduce the chances of cancer of the prostrate.

This study involved ten persons who took about 55g of Tomato paste along with 10g Olive Oil, on a daily basis for 3 months. Another group of ten people were given only Olive Oil. The study revealed that those volunteers who took both Tomato and Olive Oil had more sunburn protection, with increased level of Pro-collagen molecule, which also helps to maintain its firmness.

Tomato & Olive Oil

Tomato boosts Pro-collagen in our skin to a great extent, thus reversing the ageing process of the skin. Don’t worry the researchers were not feeding lorry loads of Tomato to the volunteers, as the quantity given was what you would normally eat in a meal which has Tomato.

Wrinkles can thus be prevented and even got rid of by using Tomatoes in your meal liberally. These results have been possible due to the Lycopene content that is found in the Tomatoes, and therefore, anyone who helps himself to a large helping of Tomato paste should be seen as if he is fighting against ageing process and making himself look younger.

Tomato paste

Next time, when you see this luscious vegetable in the market, pick a handful, get them cooked and consume along with your normal food. Cooked Tomatoes have more of the Lycopene, which can help you get rid of wrinkles fast and permanently, apart from giving your skin a healthy appearance.