Removing Facial Hair in Females

It is a disturbing fact when women witness the growth of facial hair. Apart from the fact that there are some racial factors which genetically promote facial hair, like Eastern Europeans and Jewish communities, the growth of facial hair could be for many other reasons. 

The most common reason for facial hair in women is hormonal imbalance. Since females have both Androgens and Estrogens, as they age the hormones of both the kinds tend to reduce in their levels. When the ratio between the two goes haywire, you are likely to get facial hair. Apart from these factors, the use of some medicines, promote facial hair growth into dark and coarse portions. These steroids include Cyclosporine, Phenytoin, combination medications with Testosterone such as Estratest, Anabolic Steroids and Minoxidil, meant for hypertension and male baldness.

There may also be some medical or physical factors that causes growth of facial/body hair in women. If you are suffering from obesity or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or sometimes due to tumors of the adrenal variety, women may witness growth of hair on their faces. Many a times, this is not a strand of hairs on the face, but coarse and black hair can appear. If this is the case, you should immediately seek the help of a doctor.

To treat this condition, there are plenty of ways to get rid of facial hairs and stall their growth for longer period of time, though none of the methods are fool-proof. Some of the cures would mean hormone treatments, waxing, shaving, laser, medications and prescription creams.

For a long lasting removal of facial hair in women, the only course recommended by skin specialists is electrolysis. The topical cream, Vaniqua is not effective in all the females. Therefore, you may have to adopt trial and error method.

There is not a simple single solution for removing stray facial hair strands. You will have to try out a number of cures and combinations, and ascertain which will work in your case. If there is excess hair in a particular part, you should get your health condition evaluated by a doctor and seek solution.