7 Ways For Removing Hair Dye From Skin

Removing Hair Dye From Skin

Hair dye adds beauty to hair. But dyeing your hair yourself is of course not an easy job. Getting stain marks, especially on hands, hairline and neck, is common while dying hair. There are many ways to remove hair dye. Their successes depend upon the dye used and skin type.

Methods to remove hair dye:

Beauty Products:

There are stain-removing products in market. If you are a regular dye user, the best way to prevent the stains is to buy a stain-removing product, and keep it beside you while dying your hair so that you can apply it immediately when necessary.

Stain-Removing Product

Nail Polish Remover:

This is the most common home remedy to remove the hair dye from skin. Apply the nail polish remover on the stains with cotton swabs. The stain will fade and then vanish away. Wash the affected part using warm water.

Nail Polish Remover


Applying toothpaste on the dye stains is one of the cheapest ways to remove them. Rub toothpaste on those embarrassing stains using your finger or with a toothbrush. Thereafter, wash the affected area with warm water and apply some moisturizer.



Vaseline is a good option. It can be used before or after applying hair dye. Apply a thin layer of it along your hairline, on your face and near your ears before dying your hair. In case these areas are stained, the stains can be removed easily, just by washing them with soap. If you apply Vaseline after applying the hair dye, rub it vigorously over the stain till the stain vanishes.



Dye stains can be removed using skin bleach. Apply bleach on the stains and remove it after five to seven minutes.

Using Skin Bleach


Some hair stylists recommend using dye to remove dye. Apply the leftover dye on the affected area in the same way as you apply soap while bathing and rub it in a circular motion. Wash the stained skin with shampoo and a washcloth.


Baking Soda and Dishwashing liquid:

Take baking soda and dishwashing liquid in the ratio 1:1. Mix them well. Apply this mixture to a washcloth and rub on the stains.

Baking Soda