Retro Dresses Style For Women

Retro Dresses Style For Women

Retro Dresses Style For WomenEvery time we hear the word ‘retro’, it reminds us of the times when polka dots and floral prints were much in demand. Of course those days are long gone when women had fuller body structure, wore trendy retro clothing and bell bottoms were something to die for. We live in a world today where everything works on a fast-track basis. But retro fashion is something which stays close to everybody’s hearts – especially women.

It may be a prom night or a party at your best friend’s place – women would prefer wearing retro dresses so as to look different in the crowd. Retro dresses mean undying fashion because they will never go out of style. If you have been invited to a theme party and the theme is ‘retro’, then don’t you worry because we are here to help you out! Here are the types of retro dresses that you would love to flaunt in the upcoming theme party.

Types of Retro Dresses for Women 

Popular and feminine – Floral Print Dress

If it is about retro dresses, you cannot miss the floral prints, specifically the big floral print pattern dresses. The reason why floral print dresses never go out of fashion is simply because they look very feminine and were popular among actresses of those times.

Popular and feminine – Floral Print Dress

The dresses used to be knee length – not too long but not too short either. Floral print dresses are easily available in the arcade and even in on-line shopping stores. Also, make sure you choose dresses with big floral prints because those were the ones in demand in that era. In order to complete the look, you can always wear kitten heels or a nice flowery hair band.

Show off Your Sexy Legs In A Mini Dress

Mini dresses were really popular back in 60’s and 70’s. If you feel that polka dot dresses and big flowery prints make you look too outdated then you can always go for the mini dresses and show off your sexy legs. Mini dresses are much popular with young women who want to look sexy and attractive.

Since the theme is retro, you can go for stripes or animal prints because retro is all about stripes, animal prints, polka dots and flower prints. Stay focussed on the right shoes since your legs will be visible.

Cuteness Personified – Polka Dot Dresses

How could anybody imagine retro without polka dots? If you have seen films made in 60’s and 70’s, then you would know that retro fashion is all about polka dots. Even today you will see a lot of women wearing polka dot dresses, hair bands and even shoes for that matter.

If you are choosing a polka dot dress for the theme party, then you might as well choose a good colour combination such as red dress with white polka dots or black polka dots. White dresses with blue polka dots look cute too. If you are on the heavier side, you should always go with small dots. Try and avoid big polka dots because they will make you look bulkier.

Cuteness Personified – Polka Dot Dresses

If you are skinny, then big polka dots will look really good on you. Choose a polka dress in knee-length or something which is really short and cute. You should not wear too many accessories when you are wearing a polka dotted dress. Just a matching hair-band would be enough. And don’t forget the right shoes!

The flirty And Fun Look – Tea-length Dresses 

Tea-length dresses give a very flirty and fun look which is ideal for a very casual theme party. You can always improvise it by wearing the right retro accessories such as retro sunglasses or hair-bands with flowers. If you have the calves to flaunt, then this type of retro dress is perfect for you. You can pair it up with kitten heels or even ballerinas which go really well with tea-length dresses.

You can choose a tea-length dress both without or with sleeves. As for the prints, you can always go for floral or block prints. Polka dot is always an option! There are other types of retro dresses for women that you can go for such as Muumuu retro dresses or even Empire waist dresses which look really trendy.

Also, make sure you pair it up with the right accessories because that will complete the entire look. Focus on your eye make-up, hair and shoes. A puffed hairstyle would be a good idea since the theme is ‘retro’. Retro fashion is undying and chic – it is a fact which will never change. Don’t forget to click lots of pictures!