Right Time for Labor Induction

inductionYou must be wondering the right time for normal labor induction? Following are some of the natural methods to induce labor naturally and conditions restricting labor induction.

A normal pregnancy consists of a development phase of 40 weeks or 9 months. Once the development period is over, the body automatically reaches a stage where it goes into labor retrenchment. However, there might be situations when mothers will have to induce labor in order to give birth to the baby.

These situations are:

Mothers having illness such as hypertension, seizures, heart disease or related medical conditions causing harm to baby’s health. At such situation, the mother will be advised to have a labor induction by a medical practitioner.

Another condition would be the baby diagnosed with some kind of congenital condition that needs special attention during birth. In this case, a controlled environment for a natural induction becomes necessary.

Women, most of the times consider natural induction citing lapse of 40 weeks of the gestation period. However, doctors calculate the gestation period with the help of a pregnancy wheel. The natural process is completing the development cycle before beginning the labor contractions. This natural process takes place once the gestation period is complete in the womb. Therefore, if there is a delay in labor contractions by some weeks, do not panic.

In case of early labor induction, the development process may get hampered causing further complications. The baby may be ill at birth or weak and may suffer due to it. By inducing labor at an early stage, the uterus may become over- stimulated reducing oxygen supply, which will result in a slow heart beat of the fetus.

Other situations that restrict labor induction are:

• Medical practitioner diagnosing that it is unsafe for the baby and mother to give birth naturally and a c-section is recommended.

• If the mother had more than a single c-section delivery.

• In case of mother delivering triplets or more, no labor induction advised.

• Labor induction is again not advised if the mother has undergone any kind of uterine surgery.

• Some of the natural ways of labor induction are walking, making love, spicy food, castor oil, and many others.