Risks Of Dyeing Your Hair

Risks Of Dyeing Your Hair

From ancient times people have used cosmetics to make themselves look attractive. In old days people had to depend on mother nature for beauty products. Today,all you have to do is take a stroll in the malls and shops and you will find everything you need — made of both chemical and organic components.

Modern day’s one of the most popular and used beauty product is hair dye. It is used to color hair. Gone are the good old days when people used henna to color their hair. There are thousands of brands out in the market and you will find every color from copper, burgundy, brown to red, blue green and what not.

There are types of hair dyes available in the market — one made of chemical and the other made of natural ingredients. Now that you have options, choose the right one for your hair.

Experts always prefer the ones made of organic materials. They are safe. Chemical dye on the other hand has their side effects on the hair as well as on your skin and health. The part of the body that is most effected by hair dye is the scalp, which is the very sensitive. People might have allergic reaction after dying their hair from dye, whether it is made of chemical or natural ingredient. So before you color your hair it is better to consult a doctor and find out of you are allergic to any of the materials used in the hair color.

Consult a Doctor

You have to follow some safety rules while you are applying the dye.

•    Do not leave the color on your hair for too long. Go for the ones that needs less time to color the hair. If you leave the color for a long time then there are high chances that you will damage your skin.

Do not leave the color on your hair for too long

•    Wear a glove while dying hair. That will protect you hands.

Wear a glove while dying hair.

•    After coloring, wash your hair properly and make sure residues are not left.

After coloring, wash your hair properly

•    Do not mix different hair colors together. As they are made of chemicals, they will have bad effect on your skin.

Do not mix different hair colors together

•    Follow the directions mentioned on the pack carefully.

Do not use hair color too frequently. Studies show that too much usage of hair color can cause cancer.

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