Risks Of Laser Hair Treatment

Risks Of Laser Hair Treatment

Risks Of Laser Hair Treatment When you get sick and tired of regular waxing and shaving, laser hair treatment comes as a great resort for you.  Having a history of emergence of twenty years down the line, laser hair treatment is one of the upcoming trends for fashion divas now that help them to achieve a permanently hairless and stunning body.

With every passing year the treatment has got modernized, safer and more efficient. So, if you are interested to go for a laser hair treatment session, read further to know the details of the process.

Recommended Areas of Laser Hair Treatment

To be honest, laser hair treatment can be performed on each and every part of the body to get rid of body hair permanently.  However, majority of the population prefer to go for laser hair treatment for certain specific areas, such as under arms, legs, arms, bikini like, chin and upper lip only. Most doctors suggest that it is better to avoid eyelids and the adjacent areas when planning for laser hair treatment.

Complexion and Laser Treatment

It has been discovered that the skin color plays a crucial role in determining the rate of success of laser hair treatment. It has further been discovered that people with lighter complexion show better results from the treatment. This is because the laser ray that is used during the treatment penetrates readily into the skin of the fairer population.

Risks Of Laser Hair Treatment

Further, the laser ray can identify the melanin pigment present in body hair better, which is in sharp juxtaposition to the lighter skin tone. But, the recent researches and advancement of technology have made popular laser hair treatment the first choice of the darker population as well. It is important to note that laser hair treatment does not respond to lighter hair color, such as red, blond, white or grey,

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Possible Risks

Laser hair treatment is associated with a few risk factors. It is also important to note that the risks are only subjective.

Total Hair Removal is Never Guaranteed

Nobody can guarantee that laser hair treatment will remove every bit of hair from that particular area of the body. Some stubborn strands might be resistant to laser rays and may remain as it is. New hair can re-grow on the spot too, although they will definitely be finer and lighter in color.

Temporary Skin Irritation

Post laser hair treatment, a particular individual can experience a series of skin irritations, such as reddening, itching, inflammation and discomfort. But, none of them are lethal and generally subside within a couple of hours after the treatment.

Change of Skin Color

Sometimes laser hair treatment can be associated with pigmentation of the subjected area. The color of the area can lighten or get darker as compared to the rest part of the body post laser treatment. Such a symptom is mostly observed in people with darker complexion. This is a temporary phenomenon, which is an aftermath of wrong laser beam used at incorrect setting. But, the good news is that it gets cured with time.