Say Goodbye to Stress with Food

reduce Stress with Food

reduce Stress with FoodResearches show that stress is most common health disorder in America and is a byproduct of our ever changing and demanding lifestyle.

Remember when last time you heard your boss saying “meeting with director in tomorrow, give me your best shot” and entire day goes in preparing and re-preparing the same. And by the time you reach home, presentation numbers are still haunting in your head.

You finish your dinner and without wasting time you spend next hour in completing your report for tomorrow’s show at office with a cup of coffee.

Realty check : that night you could not sleep comfortably and spend entire next day with headache and couple of espressos. You are heavily stressed!
Stress can be defined as a physiological state of mind as consequences of failure of human to respond to threats whether in reality or imagined.

Human’s surroundings play an important role in stress level. Researchers have shown that vitamins like B complex, C and E along with minerals like manganese, selenium, zinc are extremely helpful in relieving stress.

A balanced diet can help in relieving stress; inclusion of certain food articles can provide mental and physical nourishment to human body:

Almonds – They are rich source of vitamin B2, vitamin E, magnesium and  zinc. It proven fact that magnesium and B Vitamins induce production of serotonin – a substance which helps in regulating mood and reduce stress.

Blueberries – These blue miracle workers are rich source of antioxidants, are high in fiber, and low on calorie fruits that contains vitamin C to combat stress. You can mix blueberries with cottage cheese or you can also eat them alone for a healthy snack.

Cantaloupe & cottage cheese – Cantaloupe is excellent source of vitamin C and cottage cheese is of vitamins B2 and B12.

Skimmed milk – It has various vitamins and antioxidants that helps in  destroying  free radicals  associate with stress. Take you breakfast as a glass of cold skimmed  milk  with cereals for excellent start of your day.

Spinach & Broccoli – Both vegetables are rich source of vitamins B, magnesium, zinc vitamin C, and dietary fiber.

Salomon or tuna – Salomon and tuna are rich in renowned stress busters such B Vitamins which are involved in synthesis of serotonin .

Oranges – It Contains beta carotene an excellent antioxidant, magnesium, and vitamin C all helps to lower the stress levels.