Scarf: The Perfect Fashion Accessory

scarfThe simplest clothing can be given that boost of style by the accessories that are worn with them. A big buckle and broad belt can make the most ordinary pair of jeans look very attractive. The same could be said of scarves.

A dull coat or shirt can be made to look quite fantastic by using a brightly coloured scarf. The scarf has the added value of providing protection from the sun in summertime, as well as warmth during the chilling winds of winter time.

Briefly, a scarf supplies the dual benefit of both shielding you against extreme weather conditions, as well as giving you that added sparkle. Another useful point about a scarf is that it can be made at home quite easily and is also not costly. As you read on you will be able to pick up some handy tips on how you could make a scarf at home.

The ways to wear a Scarf

Required Items

Coloured fabric

Dressmaker’s scissors


Yardstick or ruler



1. For a start you must decide on the size you want your scarf to be.

2. When you have made that decision you will know the length and width of the fabric you need to purchase, but you should make sure you leave a few extra centimetres for the hems you need to sew on.

3. If you would rather have a fringe on your scarf, you must then buy the 6 inches of fabric more than the actual required size for the scarf.

4. Your next step is to go out and purchase a colourful piece of felt for this project.

5. When you have done this, you should hem the sides of the piece of fabric using the same colour of thread.

6. If you are not interested in having a fringe, then your scarf is now ready.

7. However if you really would like to have a fringe, mark approximately 3 extra inches on the two sides of your fabric.

8. Use a ruler or a yardstick, together with a marking pen for fabric and mark several horizontal lines at a quarter inch apart, in between the outside edge of the cloth and the marked lines.

9. Cut along each horizontal line with the dressmaker’s scissors.

10. Now you can stitch a hem on both sides of the cloth.

Voila! You have your new scarf!