Scheduling A Workout Plan For Women

workout for womenIn today’s world it has become absolutely necessary for both men and women to keep themselves fit and healthy. Exercise not only helps to keep the body fit but also soothes the mind.

It develops body’s resistance by stimulating body cells. Women have turned out to be more conscious about their health and physical appearance. However, more often they are stuck with scheduling their workout plans.

Also, what is most puzzling is the exercise to be undertaken for different body types. Here are some basic things which need to be attended before taking up a workout routine.

Scheduling A Workout Plan For Women

Setting Goals

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The simplest way of achieving your targeted goal is to write it down in a piece of paper. Set up various small goals in the process which would lead to the ultimate goal, be that be losing body weight or toning or keeping your body fit. Accordingly with the help of your trainer fix days in a week that you will be required to work out.

Best Time To Workout

Women have to attend matters ranging from household activities to professional to social being. One would find it suitable to work out when one has the spare time. It is always recommended that since workout consumes a lot of the body’s energy, period of the day in which one has maximum energy is the best.

Best Time To Workout

A woman would like to look slim and fit avoiding looking bulky. But a beginner should concentrate on the complete body exercise instead of focusing on particular areas to build up the stamina. Gradually the focus can be drifted to the parts requiring attention.

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Basic Workout Schedule

Day 1: Always start the workout with warm-up exercises which shall be for 8-10 minutes long. Perform different types of squats and lunges for your biceps and leg muscles. Each set of squat and lunges shall be repeated ten to fifteen times.

Day 2: Exercise for shoulders and chest shall be focused on the next day. Dumbbells and barbells could be used for this. This cardiovascular exercise shall be done for 40-60 minutes.

Exercise for shoulders Day 3: On day three perform at least two sets of ten repetitions of exercise for toning back and triceps like cable rows, seated dips, etc.

Day 4: workout biceps and legs with cardiovascular exercise for 40-60 minutes on day four. Warm-up for 10 minutes before starting with the exercise and repeat each set of the exercise.

Day 5: On day five workouts for your shoulders, chest and triceps using barbells or dumbbells or machines. Workout these exercises for at least 40-50 minutes long.

Fitness Tips

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Household activities help women to burn calories while they are managing and keeping the house tidy. Participating and involving in social arrangement will motivate to keep your tone and support will enhance your activities.

Women should not work out in gyms or alone at home for more than an hour which may become tedious. Drink an ample amount of water when you work out and always warm-up before starting your exercise.

These smart fitness tips will definitely help you to get that hour glass figure you ever desired.