Secrets In Relationship

Secrets In Relationship

Secrets In RelationshipIf you are in the honeymoon stage, then you are definitely starting to know each other and there are some thing you should keep in mind. In order to have a good life together with your partner, then you should probably avoid talking to him about things.

Disliking his mother

While he might be angry with his mother from time to time, that doesn’t mean you can  barge in and tell him how much you don’t like his mother. Listen to him, comfort him and tell him to relax and calm down. His mother is extremely important for you therefore you should abstain yourself from sharing your opinions with him because then your relationship might have to suffer.

Telling him his friends flirted with you

Because if you do so, he will likely argue with his friends about it. The things might start to become awkward and if the things get heated up, this could cause more problems in the future for the relationship. Decline to comment on that, keep things quiet and then do not become the repetitive offender.

Unfaithfulness issues

You should better keep this to yourself, because you will surely have him worry about it. Therefore, if you have done this thing before, then you should advise your friends not to tell this to him. He will then automatically trust your words less and this is not a good start for a relationship. Learning the lessons and keeping quiet sometimes are valuable qualities.

Best friend is  cheating?

If you tell him your best friend is cheating, then he will surely not like this. Therefore, you should keep this to yourself because your partner will  start thinking that  you too share those views and might be tempted to apply them.

Criticizing his body

This is a definite no no, because while he might look as attractive as he did in the past, it is not his fault that this has happened therefore, you should keep mum about it. After all, probably you have aged too in the course of these years.

Believing in him

While everything is going wrong and nobody believes in him anymore, be there for him and act to support him.