Secrets to Healthy Looking Hair

Keeping their hair healthy is an everyday quest for most women. Hair is often the topic of discussion with their friends, around the water coolers and on the internet.

Most women do not know that keeping their hair natural is one of the easiest ways to sustain healthy hair.

First Do a Hair Assessment

First assess your hair and scalp to see what kind of texture it is, how strong it is and if you have dandruff. If you have dandruff, it is important to oil your scalp to eliminate this problem. Putting lime on your hair is a secret strategy for helping to get rid of dandruff. Spread limejuice on your scalp and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. You may feel some tingling but that it normal. Then shampoo it out. Massaging your scalp with the lime in it will further help the juice to penetrate and work deep within your skin.

Eat Right & Exercise

Eating healthy and exercising will always help your hair to be strong and to look good. Getting the right nutrients is essential for growing healthy hair. Eat a lot of green vegetables which are rich in iron, which is excellent for your hair. Dairy products, berries, peaches and carrots are all foods that help generate healthy hair. Fish and whole grains are also good for your hair. If you are interested in taking supplements, silica, iron and zinc are good in helping to promote hair growth.

Do not Straighten Your Hair

Steer clear of the chemical straighteners. They change the texture of the hair by basically burning it. This makes it dry and easy to break and it causes split ends. If you feel you must straighten, choose a gentle product and only do it when necessary. Choose a shampoo that specifically addresses your problems. Always condition your hair. This is the most important and most skipped step to strong, healthy hair. Try to avoid blow drying. If you have to, keep it at a distance and do not over dry your hair. Allow yourself enough time to let your hair air dry the last ten minutes.

Once you have healthy natural hair, it is simple to maintain it if you keep up a good hair routine. There are thousands of hairstyle options for natural hair, try them out. Just remember, you have to do things to make your hair healthy the same as your body.