Selecting The Perfect Pair Of Bridesmaid Shoes

bridesmaids-shoesWhen it comes to weddings, every detail, no matter how small, is critical, that includes the bridesmaid shoes, the last thing you want is to watch your bridesmaids clomping down the aisle in ugly shoes. There are a few things you should know so that you can select the perfect pair of bridesmaids shoes.

Bring the Girls

Choosing the perfect shoes for the bridesmaids should not be left up just to the bride. It might be her wedding day but she isn’t the one who will be wearing the shoes. When you are picking out the shoes your bridesmaids will be wearing make sure all of your bridesmaids are able to accompany you.

Have a Plan

Before you and your bridesmaids even get to the shoe store you and your bridesmaids need to discuss what types of shoes they are able to walk in. If all of your bridesmaids are confident that they can wear a pair of heels without falling, you should seriously consider getting stilettos. The long thin stiletto heel will add elegance to your wedding.

If your bridesmaids aren’t confident of their ability to get through the day in a pair of stiletto heels you should only consider shoes that have a kitten heel. The smaller heel won’t be as elegant as the stiletto heel but they will help prevent your wedding day from ending up on wedding day bloopers.

Look at the Material

Just like you want the dresses your bridesmaids wear to compliment your wedding, your bridesmaids shoes should compliment the bridesmaids dresses. When you are shopping for the shoes ignore the color of the shoe and concentrate on the fabric instead. If your bridesmaids will be wearing satin dresses you will want to find shoes that are made out of some sort of shiny material or patent leather. Shoes that are constructed out of lots of lace they will look good with lacy and frilly dresses. Once you have found a pair of shoes you like, ask the shoe sales person if they can die the shoes to match your dresses.

Don’t Forget Comfort

Remember that the most important thing about your bridesmaids’ shoes is that they should be comfortable to wear. To help preserve the health of their bridesmaids’ feet, some brides choose to have two different pairs of bridesmaids’ shoes, one fashionable pair for the ceremony and photos and another pair for the wedding reception.