Semi-Permanent Hair Color

When color tends to wash out over a period of time, it is known as semi-permanent hair color, which has tinier molecules than that found in the permanent types. In this case, the color penetrates into hair shaft only partially. It can last only up to five or six shampoos. 

Many people like this kind of hair coloring, especially those who are opting only for a temporary change in hair color. This will be convenient for them to wash away if they do not like the shade, and moreover it is a very simple process to apply this hair color as compared to the permanent variety.

Semi-permanent hair colors do not have any developers, which are chemicals. Even if they do have them, they have very little quantity. They also do not come with ammonia or peroxides. If you are not willing to take larger chemical dosages on the hair, this type will suit you.

For people who are likely to opt for this kind of hair coloring, the market has plenty of brands and products on display. While women would like to have a professional touch for their hair and would go to a salon to get it colored, some prefer to do it at home. Hairstylists are available to help you with this task. With this kind of coloring, the hair will appear great.

Some women who prefer semi-permanent hair-color do not know the process of applying it. To ensure what you require, you should know that if you want to lighten the natural shade of your hair, this semi-permanent color may not suit you. While this stuff offers you with a variety of shades, no product can lighten your natural original hair color.

Semi-permanent hair-color usually results in a shade darker than your original hair. You can cover gray hair with this product or you can better the poorer shades of hair. But if you want to lighten your hair color; you may have to adopt some other highlights for hair, for which there are many options.

The semi-permanent hair-color can give you a pleasing natural appearance, enhancing your eyes and skin color. But before you begin the process, you must know the shade you require, which may take some time to recognize.