Sensitive Teeth: Prevention and Care

If you have sensitive teeth, then anything warm or cold affects them and causes pain most of the times. There are many reasons that cause teeth to become sensitive and ways to prevent pain in them.

However, there are ways to prevent your teeth from becoming sensitive in the first place. If you are in the habit of brushing your teeth three or four times a day, stop immediately.

Excessive brushing causes the white hard part (called the enamel) to get eroded. This makes the gum and the teeth susceptible to temperature extremes. Therefore, whenever you have cold water or anything that is hot, the teeth experience pain because they have become more sensitive to the external elements.

There is another reason why sensitive teeth develop. If you brush your teeth hard and press the bristles hard against the enamel, then also over a period of time, this enamel wears thin and the teeth get exposed to external elements which can cause tooth pain because of hot or cold eatables and even food that is hard.

One of the ways to prevent teeth from becoming sensitive is by using toothpastes that are made for sensitive teeth. This toothpaste is suited both for sensitive and non sensitive teeth. In case of normal teeth, this toothpaste will prevent the corrosion of the enamel and prevent it from being worn off.

Try minimizing the consumption of citrus fruits or food that is too acidic in nature. They can not only cause the formation of bacteria in the mouth which will provoke gum disease, but also can cause inflammation in the gums, because they already have become sensitive. Use mouthwash that is meant for sensitive teeth. This, like the toothpaste, will help if your teeth is sensitive and also if they are not.

There are those who have a habit of grinding their teeth in sleep. This also causes friction between the teeth and the enamel thus wears off and teeth become sensitive as a result. This can be prevented by using tooth guard when one goes to sleep.

Lastly, avoid teeth whitening agents. Their corrosive nature causes the enamel to wear off.

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