Seven Unique Jasmine Perfume Scents For Women

Seven Unique Jasmine Perfume Scents For Women

An elegant lady walks out of the room, but her scent lingers long after she has gone. The jasmine scent that is at once transient and powerful exudes a strange attraction and control over the others in the room. Jasmine, a native of South and South East Asia, is a widely used perfume ingredient and second only to the rose fragrance. It is rightly called the “king of oils”.

Jasmine derived from the Persian word Yasmeen meaning fragrance takes on an intense, opulent, or animalistic aroma when used in perfumes. Jasmine Grasse is the most expensive variety and Chanel No 5 is one of the few perfumes that uses it. Jasminum grandiflorum is the commonly used element in perfumes followed by Jasminum Sambac.

A lot of modern perfumers use affordable artificial jasmine scents to get the light and fresh notes. Here are seven unique jasmine perfume scents for women. Do keep in mind that perfumes heavy on jasmine odors are better suited for evening unless combined with sweeter or lighter aromas.

List of Jasmine Perfume Scents for Women

Thierry Mugler – Alien for women

Alien was launched in 2005 and created by perfumers Laurent Bruyere and Domonique Ropion. It has a top note of Indian jasmine followed by woody and amber notes.

Seven Unique Jasmine Perfume Scents For Women

The purple colored bottle has a strange but powerful looking magical or other worldy shape. It is designed with a powerful, confident personality in mind.

Serge Lutens – A La Nuit for women

A La Nuit was launched in 2000 and created by Christopher Sheldrake. It is an elegant composition with a sensual feel to it. One of the best perfumes with a jasmine scent and it combines jasmine essences from India, Morocco and Egypt. The other notes are honey, clove, green shoots, musk and benzoin.

Killian – Love and Tears, Surrender for women

Love and Tears was launched in 2010 and created by Calice Becker. It is a distinct floral perfume that gives out radiant and opulent aroma.

Seven Unique Jasmine Perfume Scents For Women

This unisex perfume contains notes of jasmine, water jasmine, bergamot, lavender, ylang-ylang, cedar, lily of the valley and oakmoss.

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Bvlgari – Mon Jasmin Noir

Mon Jasmin Noir is a new version of the mysterious and dark Jasmine Noir and launched in 2011. It was created by perfumers Sophie Lobbe and Olivier Polge. This modern and seductive perfume contains sambac jasmine, lily of the valley, musky nougatine and wood odors. Mon Jasmin Noir comes in a pearly white bottle with a golden cap.

Dior – Pure Poison

Pure Poison was launched in 2004 and created by perfumers Olivier Polge, Carlos Benaim and Dominique Ropion. The name reflects the scent as it enchants and emboldens you.

Seven Unique Jasmine Perfume Scents For Women

It contains notes of jasmine sambac, bergamot, amber and sandalwood.

Anick Goutal – Le Jasmin

Le Jasmin was lunched as a limited edition in 2004 and recently relaunched. It has been created by perfumer Isabelle Doyen. The perfume embodies grace, purity and sensuality. It contains the rich notes of jasmine sambac, magnolia and ginger.

Issey Miyake – L`Eau d`Issey Gold Absolute for women

L`Eau d`Issey Gold Absolute was launched in 2011 as a limited edition of the original. The fragrance has floral notes like jasmine, lily in the heart, white cedar, amber and osmanthus.