Sex On The First Date?

Sex On The First Date

Sex On The First DateFirst date is indeed exciting, but what happens at the end of the date? You must have read all the articles that tell you the dos and don’ts on a first date. Be confident, be yourself, dress impressively, blah, blah, blah. That information is important, but you also need to know what to do after the date.

Do you say goodbye and part, or you go to your date’s place for some coffee? Even if these dilemmas are solved, the biggest question is whether you have sex with your date on the very first date or not. This has been the topic of debate for a long time. Before you make up your mind, ponder on the points mentioned below.

The positive side of having sex on the first date:

There is a big chance that you will have great sex.

It will make the bond between two people strong.

You will know if the two of you are compatible sexually.

You will not have to head back home — this means you will have more time with your date.

The negative side of having sex on the first date:

Your partner might transmit any disease.

There is a possibility that it can be a one night stand.

There is no way you can know the person fully only after one date.

Your religion and morals may not permit you of such an act.

Your partner may not be a good person.

Your partner may have the impression that you are easy to get and then he might take you for granted if the relationship develops into a long lasting one. He might also undervalue the incident.

Apart from all that, there are other factors that you need to keep in mind. If you wish to have sex with your partner, then all you have to do is be careful. In this case your religion and morals do not come into the picture. But do not try to build a relationship with the person just because you got physical. After the first meeting, if you feel that you want to go out with the person in the future and have a relationship, then do not have sex on the first date. Take your time.