Shaving your Legs

shaving-your-legsThe idea of shaving your legs is probably as appealing as having a tooth pulled. We all hate those little red bumps that seem to appear out of nowhere and those occasional little cuts that just seem to happen. There are ways to make shaving time a little more pleasant.

Before the razor even touches your skin, your legs should be wet up to 3 minutes. It is also important that you use the proper shaving cream. Ordinary soap will dry out your skin, make it itch and leave you feeling as though you have done nothing. You also want to have the proper razor. Make sure to get a new blade every 3 shaves. This will ensure a clean, close shave.

Another important factor when shaving is pressure. Try not to apply uneven pressure when shaving and always go against the hair growth. If using a razor is not your thing, there are alternate methods to getting rid of those pesky hairs on your legs.

You could use wax but we all know how painful that can be. There is also the option of electrolysis. But, have you ever thought about laser? Laser hair removal will give you a lasting result for months instead of days or weeks. This means less time worrying about getting your legs silky soft and more time working on that summer tan and how great you look in those new shorts.

There may be some slight discomfort from the process and some slight swelling. When you think of the end results, a short period of time with a little bit of discomfort may not be such a big deal. Before having the procedure done, be sure to check with your dermatologist about any concerns that you may have. Ask plenty of questions so you have all of the necessary answers to make you comfortable with having the procedure done.

Shaving has its own little issues, such as folliculitis. All we want is beautiful, smooth, soft skin. With the right tools, you will be able to accomplish this with very little effort.