Shearling Coats For Women

If it is winter and all you ladies want to look good and feel cosy then shearling coats are the best things to go for. These coats will not only keep you warm and comfortable but it also gives you a very elegant look. The shearling coats are made from processed sheepskin, pelt or lambskin.

This process of shearing gives these coats a uniform look by making the fibre wool uniform and gives you a uniform feel. The process which is followed to make the stearling coats delivers the coat in a natural fleece material making it really comfortable and very light in weight so that you do not feel heavy under it.

These coats also have insulated linings making them very comfortable. These coats are unique in style, design and comfort and hence these fall under the luxurious banner. The different types of shearling coats are:

Stylish Shearling Coats For Women

The Classic Shearling

The classic shearling coat is designed to give you the exact look of elegance and style and that too in a really classy way. The classic shearling coat is knee length and comes with medium sized front buttons and patch pockets. The front collar is not too long and ends at the first button.

The Classic Shearling

The collar is made out of smooth and soft sheepskin and the coat comes in different colours like suede black, brown and gold. The classic shearling is an ideal coat for office. Work and stun everyone with this classic coat in the winters.

Shearling Car Coat

This shearling coat is made out of the best quality American origin lambskin, making it the softest, smoothest and a very comfortable coat. It is knee length and comes with front slashed pockets and a hood that is removable.

shearling car coat

It comes in a relaxed fit and colours like tan, and suede gold. This type of shearling coat is meant for casual meetings or just going out for a walk. The car coat will look beautiful on you given its simplicity.

Shawl Coller Shearling

This shearling coat is a bit longer than the knee length shearling coats. This coat comes with side besom pockets and a beautiful collar and cuffs. This coat is usually available in suede black colour.

Shawl Coller Shearling

This shearling coat is ideal if the the weather outside is really chilly. Wear it over your tee with plain blue denim and you will look absolutely full of style. With the evergreen black colour, this shearling coat will make you look the prettiest without make up!

Merino Shearling

This shearling coat made from genuine Spanish Merino style with shawl collar and cuffs. It ends right above the knee and comes with front slash pockets.

Merino Shearling

The coat comes in Spanish Merino Cinnamon colour with the collar and cuffs in a darker shade. It also comes with a fine line of Spanish Merino just along the line of buttons. Wear this coat if you are going out to meet your friends. This coat will make you look sober and sophisticated.

Shearling With Racoon Fur

This shearling coat gives you a playful and young look so you can definitely wear this if you are going out on a weekend! Made from fine quality sheepskin, this coat comes with a delicate texture print, glossy buttons and natural edges which gives the coat a stylish look.

It has collars and cuffs made out of good quality racoon fur and two front slash pockets. The insulated linings will give you maximum comfort. This coat ends a bit above knees so steal the look, with this coat and dark blue denim.