Shield Your Skin From Summer Sun

At the beginning new season, many women try to be in style and develop the look of that season. In summers, it is not only important to have style but is essential to stay cool. Because summers sun rays are much harsher than winters and challenge lies in controlling your best look at all the time.

Followings are the six ways to get you fresh and cool look this summer  –

Exfoliate your body – Everyday your body sheds various skin cells at good rate leading to accumulation of dead skin on your body. This makes skin to look dull and dry. Sunrays, dirt, and sunscreen accelerate the depositing of dead skin on your body. Choose exfoliating scrub different for body and face. Use scrub in circular direction and rinse clean. Repeat this once a week to achieve fresh and glowing skin.

Moisturize your body – In summers though skin is less dry, but do not discard use of moisturizer. You can switch to light, water based moisturizer formula for face and body. For skin under eye you can go for eye serum in place of heavy eye cream.

Good SPF sunscreen – You should go for sunscreen creams that provide broad spectrum protection (i.e. blocking Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays) with minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15. Always apply sunscreen before you step outside in sun and reapply every two hours.

Apply balm –
Lips skin is very sensitive and delicate. It is vulnerable to skin cancer in harsh sunlight. Do not forget to wear a broad spectrum sun protective lip balm to make them nourished and supple.

Foot care – Get regular pedicure to pamper your feet and wear sandals or flip flops. Use scrub to remove dead dry skin from feet and moisturize it. This will make your feet look soft. Then apply base coat, two applications of bold nail color and a clear top coat for protection. Then put on your flip-flops for at least a couple hours to make sure your polish won’t dent.

Try summer makeup –
Replace your liquid foundation to mineral based powder with SPF 15. You may also skip creamy blush and try natural looking glow with bronzing powder. Use water proof mascara for your eyes and smudge proof look after swimming. Tinted gloss is preferred option over lipstick shades.