Shopping Tips For Buying Dark Sunglasses

Shopping Tips For Buying Dark Sunglasses

Shopping Tips For Buying Dark Sunglasses Sunglasses act as a protective cover for our eyes during the exposure of sunlight. The harsh rays and heat of the sun is capable of damaging the surface of our eyes and in case of extremely sensitive eyes, it can completely destroy the inner structure of eyes. As the sun creates ultraviolet (UV) rays, its impact on our eyes can be really severe.

Wearing sunglasses is not just limited to a style quotient, but it has become a prime need for protecting our eyes. For this, we are left with a huge range of sunglasses in the market. Be it aviators, clip-ons, shields or wraps, one can buy almost any style as per one’s preferences. But, if you are specifically looking for substantial protection, dark sunglasses are the best option.

They will not only block 100% UV rays, but they also play a role in filtering some bright light. This prevents the wearer from headaches or eye strains. Though dark black sunglasses are extremely popular among men, they have become increasingly famous among women as well. The bold and masculine dark shades have captured the hearts of many and they are a must have nowadays.

While choosing sunglasses, one should keep a few basic things in mind in terms of quality, UV protection, labels and many more. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for sunglasses:

Tips to Buy Dark Sunglasses

Look For Complete UV Protection

While picking sunglasses, always look for the ones which are labelled as blocking 99-100 % UV absorption. Now, here you must remember that the ability of the lens against UV radiation is not determined by the price of the lens or the color of the lens. A dark colored lens doesn’t necessary imply that it is capable to protect your eyes.

The UV rays absorption is enhanced by adding several chemicals while manufacturing lenses. There are several types of lenses which are capable in absorbing UV rays, but you must check the label to make the right purchase.

Go For Fitovers/Wraparounds

Fitovers or wraparounds are specialized sunglasses and one can wear them on their regular prescribed glasses. They are built with an ability to completely fit around your eyes. They also give you the wraparound feature that will prevent any light from entering your eyes.

Choose Comfort Before Style

Style is important, but so is the comfort. I know that we all want to get the best looking sunglasses for our face. We give a considerable amount of attention on the style quotient while buying sunglasses. But, before getting yourself stylish lenses, make sure they provide the necessary comfort too.

Shopping Tips For Buying Dark Sunglasses

You should get light weight sunglasses, so that you can easily wear them. Buying a heavy weighted or uncomfortable sunglasses will make you very uncomfortable, no matter how good looking they are. So, go for a comfortable and light pair of shades.

Durability Factor

The durability and longevity of sunglasses is yet another crucial point while shopping. If you are looking forward to wear your sunglasses for a longer period of time, you should probably consider the quality of the glasses.

Though there are several brands of sunglasses in the market and each of them is promising and delivering their best production, you must do a little survey on various brands. The more aware you are, the better decision you will take. Amidst the huge range of glasses, nylon sunglasses are a popular choice among many as it delivers longevity and durability.

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How To Choose Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes

Choose Your Features

Before spending your hard earned money, be very sure of what exactly are you looking for in your sunglasses. You should be aware of all the specific features you want. There are some basic features like polarization, thin mirror coatings, photochromic and so on.

Shopping Tips For Buying Dark Sunglasses

Polarized glasses are very helpful in cutting reflected glare and they can be used while driving, boating or in snow conditions. On the other hand, the ones with mirror coatings provide extra protection and prevent visible light from entering the eyes.

Consider Your Face Shape

You need to consider your face shape while buying a pair of shades. You should always pick sunglasses which have the opposite shape from your face shape. For an instance, people with angular or thin faces will look good in round frames.

Likewise, people with rounded faces will look great in oval or geometric shaped lenses. They can even go for wraps or fitovers. Here, oval faced people have the advantage of wearing almost any shape of glasses as they will look good in every shape.