Short Hair Style

With today’s fast paced attitudes and on the go rituals, women are seeking out hairstyles that are easy to work with, fast to be concerned with and as beautiful as they are convenient.

In the past, women in the home were not overly concerned with hairstyles. But today is a completely different story. All women want to look the part they play in society as well as at home. The needs of the women have changed over time and we are no longer content with buns and bows. But sometimes long hair is not the answer either.

For any hairstyle, the woman must consider the shape of her face, the bone structure of her cheeks and the appearance of the forehead.

Some short do’s will light up all of these features accentuating the brilliance of the aforementioned characteristics in some women but rather defeating the beauty in others.

Some women just will not be able to wear a shorter cut. For those who can pull the short cut off, there are a lot of fashion looks today to choose from. Remember to look in magazines and see what is hot but keep in mind that what is hot does not always mean it is for you.

Remember the face shape, forehead and cheeks and also consider the neck length; not something people normally think about when cutting their hair. Until your neck is now the first thing people look at.

Again though, when choosing your short hair style, make sure that you consider your lifestyle, hobbies and work situation and whether your new do can support whatever you are all about.

It can be noted that a lot of the female celebrities today wear shorter cuts and can pull them off beautifully. Shorter hair can result into more volume, shine and glamor when worn by the right woman.

Now any woman can wear shorter hair and do it well but like all new hairstyles, you will want to consider most what makes you feel beautiful and good about yourself.

So talk to your stylist, look at magazines and then cut away!