Short Haircut Styles For Round Faces

All are born with round faces but for some it stays on in adulthood too. You might have enjoyed the pulling of your chubby cheeks in childhood but now you just want to get rid of them. Your rigorous facial exercises seem to have very less impact on the shape of your face. In such a case, doing makeup for a round face can be a challenging one. A hairstyle plays an important role which can cover and reduce the roundness of your face to some extent though.

But then if you have shorter hair with round face, it can be tricky to manage your hair as the options narrow down to very little. Do not worry; we have brought some of the best haircut styles to suit round faced beauties. These hairstyles can slim down your round face and give you a flattering look. Who says short hair doesn’t look good on round faces. Check these out.

Short Haircut Styles For Round Faces

Short Bob Haircut

They say bob haircut is a strict no-no for the round faces because it can accentuate the roundness of the face by adding width to the sides of your face. But a carefully done bob can actually make your round face look slimmer.

short bob cut

Keep the bob couple of inches below your chin and make sure it is done roughly at the ends. And also the side swept bangs add angled look to your hairstyle. You can even sport messy bob which is in trend this season.

Tapered Pixie Haircut

This is one of the preferred haircut styles for round faced women. But be careful of a pixie cut which is cropped too much on the head like a cap which can actually accentuate roundness.

tapered pixie haircut

Highlight the cheekbones with a pixie which tapers into the head through the sides. A pixie with a shaggy bang and sides is popular this season. Keep the longest length above your ear piercing.

Tamed Curls For Round Face

tamed curls

You have round face with short hair. But the problem is your curled hair. Just make sure you do not cut your curly hair to chin length, because it can only add volume to your face accentuating the roundness.Instead grow a few inches and tame the curls to bigger curls rather than spirals.

Bangs On Round Face

Bangs never go out of fashion. There was a time when bangs and fringes were prohibited for round faces but not anymore. The side-swept bangs can be quite flattering on a round face.

bangs on round face

Deeply parted side-swept bangs make the style softer and sweeter. Angled bangs look good with shorter and longer hair on round faces. Color your bangs to highlight them which can take the attention off your round face.

Center Part To Balance Your Face

centered part

One more trick for the round face is the center parting. A center part is a great option for round faces as it creates a balance between the roundness of your cheeks and the hairline. The middle part divides your face into two longer portions.

A final Tip: Never tie your hair tightly in a ponytail as it shows off all your facial flaws and makes your face look wide.