Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Brand New Hair Styles For Short Hair

We all crave for that thick-looking lustrous hair. Each time a woman sees a shampoo commercial, she invariably would think, how I wish I had those! However, for those who have it, it is often a problem on deciding the kind of cut that would look the best without losing the volume of hair.

Short haircuts look great on thick hair. But more hair means extra care in deciding the cut. There is a huge variety of short haircuts that people with thick hair can sport. So we have compiled a list with the 4 most attractive short haircuts for thick hair.

Stylish Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Bob Cut 

This one cut can look great on thick hair. Most people with bob cuts often worry about having to add volume at their crown. They often retort to teasing and voluminizing sprays. However, people with thick hair need not worry about this. They often carry bob cuts with great élan.

bob haircut

Their styling too can be done easily. One just needs to wash hair properly and blowdry it correctly. For people with straight hair, they may even decide to let their hair dry naturally. You may even opt for layered bob to get the dramatic bounce and movement.

Versatile Bang 

Bangs are everywhere for sure. But they can be used in the most versatile manner for people with thick hair. You may get a blunt cut and sport a thick eye brow grazing bang. These bangs need volume in order to be in its place. Scanty hair may look bad if they don’t create the needed volume.

Versatile Bang

You can go for an all one-length blunt cut and style your hair inwards. Make sure your hair doesn’t go beyond your ears. Looks best on people with long faces, it helps cut the length. This haircut draws a lot of attention to your eyes, so make sure you make it worthwhile by doing the right kind of eye makeup.

Layered Curls 

If you have natural curls, you may get multi-layers to create an uneven movement in your hair. Go short with this haircut. It should not be anything beyond the nape of your neck and ears in the front. However, you may choose to add a long layer in the front on one of the sides.

Layered Curls

This will help you in styling your hair on special occasions. You can clip it away with a beautiful-looking crystal clip or simply use a studded hair band to hold it back in place. You may also use a bandana to add that style factor to your attire.

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Graduated Layers 

If you own straight hair, you may also choose to grow your hair up to your collar bone. Now trim the front sides by throwing in layers and fringes while retaining your length at the back.

Graduated Layers

This way you will be able to sport a super short pony. The layers in the front would fall out, framing your face perfectly. The long hair at the back will help you hold the pony in place. You may use colourful bands and scarf as an accessory. The fringes can be secured by using some funky clips.