4 Short Haircuts

Short HaircutsWomen nowadays are opting for haircuts that are easy to maintain and comfortable to wear.

Short haircuts can be styled differently each day and can be used to achieve a variety of different looks. Just a change in the part or the way you comb your hair makes a big difference. Below are some short hairstyles.

Boy cut

This haircut resembles the haircut of a man.  It is low maintenance and doesn’t look bad if you don’t comb it.  If your hair gets messed by the wind, you can simply run your hands through it to get it back in shape. Having a bad hair day will not affect this style. However, it does not suit everyone.

Boy cutBob cut

This is an all time favorite haircut. However this cut is recommended only to those with straight hair. So unless you are willing to spend every day blow drying or ironing your hair, this style is not for you.

bob hairstyleMessy Cut

The messy look is in vogue now. Though the style looks unkempt, it is the fashion. Just mess up your hair and you are good to go. You can have a different look each day, as your hair will never be the same when you mess it up.  People pay a lot of money to go to the beauty parlor and get a messed up hairstyle.

Messy CutBangs

The short cut with bangs has been popularized by Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri. Asymmetrical cuts with ends that have been curled in are also in high demand as it gives one a very sophisticated look. These hairstyles do require more styling and are not considered wash and go styles.

You need to be careful when choosing a style to see if it suits your face. If you only want a short hairstyle for a brief period of time and intend on growing your hair back, it may be uneven in the interim.

Short cut with bangsIf you have wavy hair a short style may not suit your face unless you style it every day.  You also need to trim your hair regularly to make sure it does not lose its shape.