Short Layered Haircuts For Women over 40

40 is the new 20! Women over 40 are confident, self-assured and sexy. These are the women who have had a decent experience of their life. They’ve been there; seen all; done all. Short layered haircuts are often preferred by the women of this age bracket because they are stylish to look at and easy to flaunt.

Short layered haircuts give a good body to hair and make them appear chic. It is largely popular because of the low maintenance and care required. So we decided to give you the 5 most stunning short layered haircuts for women over 40.

Layered Haircuts For Women Over 40

Choppy And Layered 

This one qualifies perfectly to be a flirty haircut. If you are sporting a short crop, add some choppy layers to it. It looks a little unkempt but not much. The idea is to get many layers that give you an edgy look.

Choppy And Layered

It hardly needs combing, can be worn with any dress anywhere. You might want to add a good colour to your hair, highlighting the layers. It is playful yet classy.

Layered Bob With A Bang 

Ask your stylist to throw in some structured layers to your bob. Now add a bang to your front. Fringe is an instant way of looking young and chic.

Layered Bob With A Bang

Pay attention to few details however. Your bangs must be rounded slightly to get a soft look. Edgy bangs might end up making you masculine. The layered bob with a bang really make for a bouncy haircut.

Short With Heavy Side Swept Bang 

Cut your hair ear-short. Now add a heavy side-swept bang to it. Side swept bangs are extremely flattering and they help cover those fine lines as well. You may want to blow dry your hair a little inwards and outwards too.

The ear-short length and heavy bang make for a refreshing look. You may style it in your own way. With this haircut, you also have the option of tying a small pony, so it is much easier to manage your locks when you don’t want to leave them open.

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Razored Layers 

Razored layers, when done on straight hair, look extremely soft and classy. It can help you manage your hair really well. You may get few straight razored ends added to your layers.

razored layer

Though razored layers can be worn by women of any age and any hair length, it can look great on women over 40. It renders a much needed poise and can be styled in a number of ways. You may also add a baby short bang with this haircut.

Shaggy Layered Cut 

Shaggy layered cuts are very popular among women over 40. It is ideal for people with round or heart shaped face. The trick here is to keep more volume on your crown by cutting your layers shorter there.

Shaggy Layered Cut

You can even opt for short straight bangs. While styling, make sure your hair remain closer to your face towards the end. This creates an illusion of volume. If you are not blessed with naturally straight hair, use a flat iron to achieve the straight look.